01. The [landscape] of Newfoundland is said to be stark, but beautiful.
02. California's desert [landscape] is desolate, yet beautiful.
03. The [landscape] paintings of Constable are quite beautiful depictions of the English countryside.
04. My neighbors just had their front yard [landscaped] by a professional, and it looks beautiful.
05. The old gravel pit has recently been [landscaped] with trees, flowers and shrubs, and is now a nice park.
06. The political [landscape] of Eastern Europe was changed forever by the fall of communism.
07. Marcel Proust observed that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new [landscapes], but in having new eyes.
08. The White House and its [landscaped] grounds in Washington, D.C. occupy 18 acres of ground.
09. The [landscape] of the country has been changed forever with the logging of the forest.
10. Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit France each year for its beautiful and varied [landscape].
11. Israel has an amazing variety of [landscape] for such a tiny country.
12. The [landscape] of Cambodia is dotted with coconut trees.
13. Narrow, twisting paths snake through Afghanistan's rugged [landscape].
14. As beautiful as the islands of the Philippines are, the underwater [landscapes] of that country are considered by many to be even more spectacular.
15. In September of 1976, the U.S. spacecraft Viking 2 landed on the planet Mars, and began sending back photographs of the Martian [landscape].
16. The grounds of Windsor Castle include nearly 13 acres of beautifully [landscaped] gardens.
17. The Earth's surface fluids are of prime importance in the origin and development of our planet's [landscape].
18. The [landscape] of our planet is greatly modified by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.
19. Felix Mendelssohn's two greatest symphonies served to preserve impressions he gained of the [landscapes] and sounds he encountered during his travels in Italy and the British Isles.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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